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Still lacking Clients?

A lot of therapists will be here again this time next year thinking ‘I’m not making the difference I want to’, ‘I need to see more clients’, ‘I’m struggling for money’. Most of them will have been in the same

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The most important qualities for success as a therapist or coach.

I was chatting with a therapist earlier this week who is in the usual position – not enough clients to really make it work and having to keep a job she hates just to pay the rent. She’s stressed, angry,

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The Journey to Success

It is amazing that all over the world the pattern is the same when we start our therapy or coaching businesses. We have lots of worry and lots of hope. We all do the same things, largely because that’s what

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10 common mistakes we make that keep us empty. Number 7 held me back a long time.

1. ‘I’m empty I must not be good enough.’ Sound familiar? I felt this at the start, but you know what? Until I’d seen a good number of clients, I didn’t have any info to determine how good or bad

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Trust vs Price

  Price should never be ‘how much can I get?’ but should be a fair price for what’s offered. Some therapy and coaching offerings take a lot and are going to be higher priced and that’s fine, however they can

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How much does it cost you to stay empty?

Yes I know that’s an odd question, but we often miss the obvious when it’s an absence. So many people say ‘I can’t afford to advertise’, but seem content, week to week, with empty spaces in their diary. What’s the

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What does it feel like being a therapist or coach?

We expect the feeling of ‘wow, I’m making a difference’, ‘I’m so happy to help people improve their lives’, and ‘this is why I’m here’, and they are great feelings. The job satisfaction is astounding. However, unfortunately the more common

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We often offer different services together, but how can we do this well?

I talk to a lot of people who do different things, for example: coaching and therapy, or psycho therapy and hypnosis, or counselling and mindfulness. The possible combinations are almost endless. However most struggle with how to present them, and

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Does it have to take years to get busy?

Most therapists I know have been at this for years and are still a long way from full. I know physical therapists with over a decade in practice, who are struggling. I know hypnotherapists of 15 years experience who are

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Success in 2017 comes from what you start now! 5 Must do’s

“Let’s be honest, 2016 wasn’t the year I’d hoped it would be at work” – That’s what a therapist said to me last week. They are not alone. Remember 70% of therapists and coaches fail to earn a living, and

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