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Facebook Course Details Sit back and watch the video to learn how this course can help you!  
Training Program
Great Training Every Month! Delivered Monthly, you get huge value training at a tiny price. The f
Masterclass Dublin
Join me at 'The Successful Therapist Masterclass' where I will be sharing with you step by step,...
Your Bio 3-part Course
Great 3-part Training on how to get Your Biography Right! Delivered immediately upon joining, you...
Training Programs
One to One Training Good training is not only about helping you develop skills and strategies that...


Client Sessions from a single Facebook campaign
Income from a single video
Income working 3 days a week
% increase in clients in 10 weeks

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What people have said

Noirin O Tigmearnaigh

John Prendergast has finally provided the missing link, which for me as a therapist is effective marketing, using key words to explain how you can help people and effective marketing on facebook to reach more people.


Excellent workshop. Really impressed upon me, the importance of getting myself out there. A very big emphasis on helping people as opposed to focusing just on the money. Excellent, practical advice.

Peter Curry

Pinpoint training that is clear, valuable, and easy to follow. The most effective full day's training I've had in a long time. The full day felt like a couple of hours.

Colm Kieran

Excellent Course – could be promoted to non trainers also. There are not many courses available who explain the communication skills to apply to social media (rather than the technical aspects), so very unique.

Ailish McGrath

John has the right focus - get the people the help they need - and I like how he can match that objective with marketing technologies.

Frank O’Donovan

Great content, very practical material that can be implemented immediately.  This stuff is gold dust!

Michelle O’Neill

This has been a most empowering and inspiring day and has given me the confidence to start my professional career in holistic healing.

Frances Sweeney

I was overwhelmed with all the possible marketing avenues in social media.  John's workshop has given me a step by step plan to now promote my business with confidence.

Steven Norton

I can honestly say that after the first lesson, I actually recapped the full cost of the course, using John's methods & techniques over the 10-week period, I can honestly say that my business has tripled.

Maya Benharroch

I highly recommend John Prendergast to all my therapy/coaching friends! He's helping me heaps and my practice is definitely growing.

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