Your Bio LogoGreat 3-part Training on how to get Your Biography Right!

Delivered immediately upon joining, you get huge value training on how to make your bio work for you. It's a huge source of clients when used well, and a missed opportunity for most!

So many Therapists and Coaches regard this as an area that can do nothing more than just list information about our qualifications and experience. Having my bio focused on what the client needs to hear and in multiple places, brings in over €10,000 worth of New Clients without spending a penny on advertising!

This entire course coaching you through exactly how to construct an excellent bio and how to get the most out of it is now available at just €297

Craft your bio using the psychology of connection, make it about how you can help the person suffering, rather than about you. Your bio that way, becomes a tool that helps people understand and choose you and your help.

  • This training will give you:
  • The powerful options you're probably discounting – but which make connection
  • A wealth of techniques to demonstrate your ability in your bio
  • The many ways in which you can craft ideal bios for what you offer
  • How to get far more value out of the same bio you write
  • How to get the right balance of personal, training, and experience based info into it
  • The value of adjusting your bio for different opportunities and the training to do so well
  • The exact strategies for using your bio, which bring in clients
  • Access to all course materials for an entire year after you start. Come back and redo any part of this course, whenever you like, for a whole 12 months

Think about when you encounter a new service or offering. How swiftly do you click through to see who the person is behind it? What is it that will create a connection? How many letters they have to their name, or whether they understand completely the problem you are having, and can accurately describe your pain?

Remember that someone suffering doesn't care about your qualifications or experience until they have already felt a connection to you and decided that you are someone who understands them and can be a source of help.

This complete 3-part course coaches you through all the options, the value of different types of bio and helps you build it all up step by step. It will also get you past the feeling of 'There's nothing special about me' or 'What should I say'.

Don't disregard the importance of correctly using your bio. How you write it could be the reason a potential clients chooses you, but only when you make it connect with them!

John Prendergast is an Award-winning Success Coach and full-time Psycho-Trauma/Anxiety Therapist.

He is also the founder of Therapy and Coaching Success that specialises in helping Therapists, Coaches and other wellness practitioners, connect with those in need, build their diaries and earn the income they need.

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John enjoys family life with Fiona and their beautiful daughter Isobel in the West of Ireland (and occasionally in sunny places!).