A lot of people have been asking and commenting about how to implement some of the tips into a basic strategy for Facebook. So, here’s a simple strategy I can recommend, based on experience and data analysis of the results.

Don’t think of posts as one thing. Give yourself three types of content:

(Short) Short text or image post
(Share) Sharing something useful from another source
(Special) Long custom written content

The short text or image post can be an inspiring quote, a meme, or some image with a message. These are everywhere on the internet and can be created in minutes.

Sharing something useful from another source should be something that will be of interest to your clients, and ideally should offer some solutions or help to them. News articles, opinion pieces, how-to videos etc. are easy to find and will help you.

Long customer written content is something I recommend you write once a week or even every two weeks. Write something that explains an element of how your clients feel or what they want to achieve, give useful tips, and keep it simple.

 This way you only have to create significant content of your own once a week at most.

 Here’s my recommended posting schedule:

Monday (Short)
Tuesday (Share)
Wednesday (Short)
Thursday (Special or Share)
Friday (Share)
Saturday (Short)
Sunday (Share or Special)

 Post between 7-8pm to get the attention of people at home, or if you’re seeking business clients, post at about 11:30am. Thursday seems a bit better than Sunday in my experience for the major post of the week.

 You can time this with Bufferapp.com so you can have them post at the times you want while you are doing something else.

 If your custom written content gets good engagement in the first 2 hours, then promote it for a small sum (5-10 $/£/$). If it’s still performing well at the end of that spend, consider running the promotion for longer.

 Like any positive comments on your posts, occasionally comment back.

 This strategy, with good content, has proven reliable year round for me to keep busy in clinic. It will allow you to keep your message of help and hope in front of the people who can benefit from it.

 Keep sharing your help.

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